RazorSecure Network offers a new hybrid approach combined with additional methods of deployment to cover both new and legacy fleets. This hybrid approach allows the RazorSecure Network product to combine with RazorSecure Delta agents, or act as a standalone security monitoring solution for onboard and wayside critical networks.

RazorSecure Network stays true to our core principles, low false positives, ease of configuration/maintenance and functional in limited connectivity environments. It offers a clear method to provide Asset Discovery, Physical and Logical Network Baselining combined with Log Anomaly Detection.

"Nomad has always been at the forefront of providing innovation in our solutions and in the way we think about the Intelligent journey. Ensuring the customers of our systems are protected while they use our services has always been paramount. Working with RazorSecure allows us to bring additional tools to ensure we have better visibility into potential malicious activities and to ensure they are alerted and acted upon promptly."

Stephen Lathan, Head of Product at Nomad Digital

A platform for security and network visibility

RazorSecure Network offers maximum flexibility for deployment, it can be combined with RazorSecure Delta or act as a standalone for monitoring network areas that are otherwise unseen

RazorSecure Network provides:


  • Asset Discovery - Understand what is connected to your network and how it changes over time

  • Fleet Asset Comparison - Ensure consistency across your fleet for configuration and firmware

  • Physical and Logical Network Baselining - Detect changes in traffic flows, a key attack indicator

  • Log Anomaly Detection - Early alerting of anomalies in system logs, processed locally to reduce bandwidth

  • Data aggregation from RazorSecure Delta Agents


We integrate RazorSecure Network with hardware devices to be deployed on board via a span port from a switch. It can also be supplied pre-integrated on a trusted hardware platform, or supplied as a virtual machine.

A tailored, hybrid approach is best

By combining RazorSecure Delta and RazorSecure Network, we offer a flexible, hybrid approach to deployment. 

Focus on key points of
network aggregation

We work with you to
design, integrate,
homologate and ensure
coverage of key systems

Adaptable approach to handle different network designs