An advanced intrusion detection and active response system designed to protect critical assets and embedded systems in rail.

By using state-of-the-art, multi-layered machine learning techniques, RazorSecure Delta is able to build a baseline for a normal system. The product is designed to alert and respond when a significant change is made to the system or the system begins working outside of its normal operating patterns.

Image by George Oliver

“Active monitoring and anomaly detection is the only way to achieve our goal of 100% fleet availability”

Johannes Emmelheinz, CEO, Customer Services, Siemens Mobility

RazorSecure Delta is our gold standard in cyber security protection for devices in rolling stock and trackside networks. It learns “what is normal” in terms of device and network behaviour. It can then be used to detect operational and security anomalies within the device or network traffic passing through that device.

RazorSecure Delta provides:


  • Baselining of Processes, Critical File Changes, Installed software, Network traffic and System Logs

  • Real-time detection of changes in device behaviour – Enabling identification and containment of attacks in real time

  • Detection of unplanned system access – For detection of potential insider threats

  • Detailed vulnerability, maintenance, configuration and threat reporting

  • Asset Discovery and Network Mapping

  • Local decision making to reduce bandwidth usage

  • RazorSecure Delta remains effective even in limited connectivity environments

For deployment, we integrate RazorSecure Delta into devices that are key points of network aggregation such as security gateways, mobile communication gateways, CCUs etc.

The strongest protection for

device and network monitoring

A tailored, hybrid approach is best

By combining RazorSecure Delta and RazorSecure Network, we offer a flexible, hybrid approach to deployment. 

Focus on key points of
network aggregation

We work with you to
design, integrate,
homologate and ensure
coverage of key systems

Adaptable approach to handle different network designs