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Protection of Digital Train Fleets

What our customers say:

“RazorSecure’s products are an effective part of our security in depth approach. We consider their solutions to be unique and ideally suited to work in a distributed and often isolated environment"

Marc Silverwood, Digital Trains Project Manager, Northern Rail


Ensuring cyber security compliance in a large digital fleet

Northern Rail were in the process of procuring a new digital train fleet for one of their franchises. Prior to the delivery of the fleet, it was identified that  there would be new regulations related to cyber security that were in the process of being implemented by the EU, these are now in force as the NIS Directive.

As the operator, Northern Rail realised that they would be accepting not only the operation of the new train fleet, but also the risk attached to the connected systems onboard the train. 

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A single pane of glass view across the entire fleet

RazorSecure Delta is designed to deal with key points of aggregation within an onboard network, by learning “what is normal” for key systems. Going beyond network traffic and looking at over 700 points of key data including running software, installed software, listening network ports, system logs and critical files onboard.


With the new software, Northern Rail was able to identify operational anomalies, helping to to quickly identify and remediate issues, across the entire digital train fleet, that would have been challenging to otherwise diagnose.

They used RazorSecure Delta to monitor the fleet of new and refurbished trains, quickly identifying differences in software versions, security patches and configuration. Ensuring compliance across the fleet and preventing configuration drift.

Solution Outcomes

Every train in the fleet covered

Remote installation for fast visibility

Digital assets secured for life

Software will remain effective for the life of the asset

Cyber security compliant

Security in accordance with new NIS Directive regulations

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