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Asset Discovery in Challenging Environments

What our partners say:

"This is a very innovative solution that not only aims to increase the security level or railway systems but also encourage the use of this technology thanks to its seamless integration and deployment options."

Andres Gonzalez Guilarte, Global Product Manager, Siemens


Decisions based on incomplete, inaccurate and outdated information, put your fleet at an increased risk 

At RazorSecure we meet with a lot of different operators in rail signalling, rolling stock and other critical infrastructure and there is a consistent message: “we don’t have good visibility and understanding of the assets that we have connected to our network.”

When approaching cyber security this comes back to an even more fundamental challenge, if you don’t know what is connected to your network then you can’t secure it. A network is only as strong as its weakest link.  If you are not able to identify these weak spots it is impossible to have a comprehensive view of the cyber security risk across your fleet.


To ensure you gain coverage of your entire need, you need a solution that provides flexibility in how and where the software is deployed.  Onboard networks are challenging environments with a unique set of requirements.

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Continuous visibility and mapping of your entire network, giving you the necessary information needed to stay in control. 

There is significant value in network visibility, it provides not only a full list of the assets connected to the network but also visibility into the operation and function of those assets.

This accurate data is vital for cyber security but when used correctly can also provide predictive maintenance and operational information regarding critical networks. This ensures that potential failures are detected early and can be dealt with before they result in significant operational disruption. 

Operators need to be able to leverage network information to make decisions with confidence. RazorSecure’s solution for asset discovery empowers operators with the visibility they need to make informed decisions critical to the management of their fleet.

Solution Outcomes

Flexible deployment options

Solutions to cover any challenge within your environment

Every network device detected

Gain visibility of everything connected to your network

Accurate real-time network data

Make better decisions with accurate information

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