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RazorSecure Technology

We focus on on device behaviour, but with a key difference.

RazorSecure uses true anomaly detection to identify attacks on rolling stock, signalling and trackside networks. We approach from the knowledge that attack behaviour can and will always change over time. Whereas "what is normal" for a device should never change.

Detecting attacks within rail is all about visibility, our approach gives a clear baseline and we only alert when there is a real change to an asset/network. Leading to fewer false positives and stability across the life of the asset

"Security vulnerabilities exist in the most unlikely places throughout railway networks. They are characterised by weakness. Attacks on 'non-critical' networks, such as passenger wifi, may seem inconvenient but they can be a path to much greater access for the hacker."

Alex Cowan, CEO for RazorSecure

Key Features

Asset Discovery

You can’t protect

what you don’t know about

Assets are discovered using the RazorSecure software across devices and network segments that our software is monitoring. We provide visibility into the type of device, manufacturer, IP addresses and can provide insight into logs and SNMP monitoring.

Demo screenshort of RazorSecure asset discovery solution for rail
Demo screenshort of RazorSecure network mapping software for rail

Network Mapping and Discovery

Visualise your network and detect key behavioural differences

Combined with asset discovery, we provide the ability to baseline and monitor network devices and connectivity between those devices. This gives you the ability to detect key differences in the network and traffic between devices.

Intrusion Detection

Detect device and network intrusions in real time

When integrated into a key device, RazorSecure Delta provides visibility and detection of processes, critical files, network traffic, installed software and more. Combined with our decision making software and machine learning, this gives you industry leading intrusion detection.

Demo screenshort of RazorSecure Intrusion detection for rail

Device Protection

For situations that need extra visibility beyond the network

RazorSecure Delta learns what is normal by looking at processes, configuration, hardware, listening network ports, network traffic and system logs to build a baseline of normal behaviour. We then apply our anomaly detection to detect key changes in behaviour and the opportunity to autonomously respond to attacks in real time.


Anomaly Detection

Detecting the true security and operational unknowns

RazorSecure’s machine learning focuses on detecting changes in behaviour giving you visibility into both cyber security and operational anomalies. As attacks become more customised, this technology becomes important for detection of new attacks especially within rail environments that cannot be updated with new signatures.

Demo screenshort of RazorSecure anomaly detectionfor rail

Open Data Integration

Enrich your data with an integrated single point of truth

Data from the RazorSecure platform can also be integrated into other leading SIEMs via Common Event Format (CEF) feeds and REST APIs. RazorSecure also offers a full monitoring service, currently protecting major train operators in the UK and USA. 

Alerts and Reporting

Monitor performance without excessive false positives

Developed with leading train operators to ensure clear, consistent reporting of your connected assets. It provides a single pane of glass for monitoring your assets, with clear, human readable alerting and management of the RazorSecure baseline models.

Demo screenshort of RazorSecure cyber security reports for rail

Discover the RazorSecure Approach

Security Framework Compliance

NIS, NIST and CELENEC rail cyber security compliance made easy

RazorSecure works with standards bodies and developers of cyber security frameworks for the railway industry. We ensure that our software helps meet key requirements under asset discovery, log aggregation, intrusion and anomaly detection. Most importantly we do this in a way that is easy to use and manage over the life of the asset.


Flexible Deployment

An adaptable solution for even the most challenging environments in rail

We understand that each customer within the railway industry has different requirements. We offer a flexible, hybrid approach to protecting key devices and the network itself.  We can deploy our solution via software, virtual machine or hardware allowing us to protect the most challenging environments.

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