Protection of Passenger Wireless and Onboard Connectivity Systems

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What our partners say:

"At Icomera we believe wireless Internet connectivity has a very important role to play in making public transport a better, safer, more attractive option for passengers by enabling an ecosystem of onboard services and real-time data feeds. 

Integrated networks undoubtedly offer a vast range of benefits but as a provider of infrastructure, cybersecurity is a major concern for all public transport operators looking to keep passenger and operational data secure.  We work with RazorSecure and their technology to mitigate the risks.”

Peter Kingsland, Managing Director of Icomera


A connected journey adds unique cyber security challenges

Rail operators are looking to add connectivity services to their train fleets for improving both passenger satisfaction and providing the ability to monitor and manage their fleets more effectively.  As expected, this new level of connectivity has introduced a new set of cyber security requirements,


Icomera had begun to see operators asking more detailed questions regarding security and how it was managed on their X-series router.  Operators had previously asked Icomera to perform penetration testing, which provides a good basis for understanding cyber security. However, they were beginning to see requirements around intrusion detection and cyber security monitoring.

They recognised that a different solution would be required to deal with onboard systems.


Complete visibility and control without a burden on resources

By engaging with RazorSecure. to integrate the RazorSecure Delta software into the X-series IMP platform, Icomera were able to achieve ISO-27001 compliance and gain a competitive advantage with the new cyber security capabilities.

Today Icomera use the RazorSecure software to ensure that they have a complete view of fleets with transport operators in the UK, Europe and North America.


RazorSecure’s focus is on learning behaviour and understanding “what is normal” for the Icomera IMP platform. We continue working together with Icomera to actively manage security threats to operators, investigating potential attacks quickly using using our clear easy to read alerts.

Solution Outcomes

Complete visibility of the entire fleet

Empowered with visibility into the operational performance of their systems

Live alerts of potential threats

Behaviour based monitoring ensured low numbers of false positives

10mil passenger journeys protected

Ensured passengers are connected, secure and confident on every journey

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