Maritime demonstration shows how RazorSecure can protect industry

Updated: Jun 20, 2018

[HEADER] Maritime demonstration shows how RazorSecure can protect industry

This month at InfoSecurity Europe, Ken Munro from Pen Test Partners (PTP) gave demonstrations across the 3-day event, focusing on security issues in enterprise technology and proving that this is a very real and immediate threat to maritime environments and the industry as a whole.

Ken’s simulated attack which attracted significant media attention, including featuring in a news report from the BBC, showed visitors methods which could be used to both interrupt and disrupt the shipping industry. Success of any of these methods would enable a variety of attacks against shipping vessels and related operations.

Speaking exclusively to RazorSecure Ken said: “It is critical that basic security hardening processes are followed for systems in transport. It’s not acceptable to have blank, default or weak credentials in routing devices, nor for their firmware to be out of date and vulnerable to known exploits.”

“Security should be multi-layered, so additional layers of defense such as those from RazorSecure, would be wise for transport system operators.”

During the conference RazorSecure, a leading provider of cyber security software for transportation, demonstrated how its RazorSecure Delta product can be used to protect systems in a variety of use cases including with a leading UK transport operator. CEO Alex Cowan commented: "Cyber security is challenging in these environments. Ken and his team demonstrated that systems in shipping can be attacked with potentially devastating consequences."

He continued: "As maritime moves more towards autonomous operation with smaller crews, it is critical that they adopt a layered approach to security including intrusion and anomaly detection systems like RazorSecure Delta. We see similar challenges in other transport industries, as suppliers and operators struggle to meet the new requirements under the new EU NIS Directive covering critical infrastructure."

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