A New Strategic Partnership with Osirium

Updated: Jun 17

We are excited to announce our new partnership with Osirium Technologies, a leading vendor of cloud-based cybersecurity software, Our new strategic technology partnership will deliver cybersecurity solutions specifically designed for the Critical Infrastructure, Transport and Industrial IOT Markets.

Working together, we will combine RazorSecure's monitoring of activity at the process level with Osirium's security management of who can access what, when, why and where at the login and workflow level.  This partnership is particularly significant for markets characterised by systems designed well before deployment and required to operate for ten years or more, especially now that cybersecurity has become an increasing priority and is required under legislation, including the NIS Directive.

David Guyatt, Chief Executive Officer of Osirium, commented:

"Osirium's role is to secure devices with high strength passwords and cryptographic credentials, while our robotic task automation maps identities to organisational roles and their relevant workflows.  By joining forces with RazorSecure we further build on our existing strengths, making more devices and gateways available for secure single sign-on as well as enriching its task delegation capabilities.   This RazorSecure Osirium strategic alliance is certainly a win-win for both organisations."

Alex Cowan, Chief Executive Officer of RazorSecure, added:

"RazorSecure focuses on 'what is normal' and we use machine learning to identify attacks through anomaly detection.  We implement playbooks that can manage automated responses on systems that are not always connected.  We also manage maintenance situations, where recordings are made of all changes to systems, right down to the file and configuration level."