Pitch at Palace comes to Cheltenham

RazorSecure was lucky enough to be selected to be part of the Pitch at Palace on tour event at Cheltenham today. Pitch at Palace was started in 2014 by the Duke of York to promote British businesses to investors and corporates that want to engage with new innovations.

With a time restriction of three minutes for each pitch, the objective is to give a full presentation from relaying the entire concept of your company, to including information such as current position, traction, previous investment whilst getting the audience to remember you.

Watching on is an audience of high powered individuals, so there’s also the opportunity to make an “ask”. Just to ramp up the pressure there are also two soldiers in dress uniform with trumpets ready to start a fanfare if you go over 3 minutes and also the Duke of York staring intently at you from the front row!

Our pitch went well, but RazorSecure wasn’t selected as one of the top 3 companies. There is still an opportunity for us to be selected for the bootcamp in Manchester and

if we get through to the bootcamp then there’s the opportunity to present at St James Palace. Here's hoping that we make it through...we will keep you updated!

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