Monitoring of Safety Critical TCMS Networks


Connected, digital trains bring greater efficiency and cost saving, but with added requirements for cyber security.

Train builders are increasingly looking towards digitalisation as a way to improve fleet efficiency and reduce operational overheads. They are engaging in programmes to deploy remote condition monitoring, connecting systems that have previously not been able to communicate with wayside systems.

It takes time to build maturity into a cyber security programme. As digital trains represent only the newest of fleets, the train builders and operators are working quickly to develop the maturity into their cyber security programmes.

This is particularly true when looking at Train Control and Management Systems (TCMS), which are increasingly becoming connected through European Train Control System (ETCS). Generally, TCMS systems were never designed to be connected to the internet, and so have limited cyber security controls available.


If you can’t see what is connected, you can’t secure it

We work with train builders/operators to understand how traffic flows through their network. This is particularly relevant as often train builders do not have a strong view of how traffic traverses their safety critical network, or this knowledge may only be known to a specific part of the organisation.

RazorSecure Network provides visibility into network traffic and connected devices, so it can be used be used to give visibility into places where RazorSecure Delta cannot be integrated due to the environment. Quite simply, if you can’t see what is connected, you can’t secure it.

RazorSecure Network's visibility and asset discovery can be used to aggregate and run anomaly detection on system logs from safety critical devices, without the need to communicate back to the cloud. This saves bandwidth and ensures that faults can be detected and alerted quickly.

Solution Outcomes

All network data flow captured

 See how traffic traverses in your safety critical network

Every network device detected

Gain visibility of everything connected to your network

Faults detected and alerted quickly

React without the need to communicate back to the cloud

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