Critical Infrastructure and Operational Technology

RazorSecure provides a variety of solutions for both critical infrastructure and operational technology (OT) applications including maritime, automotive, aviation and other infrastructure systems. Our software has been specifically designed to deal with the challenges of large, distributed environments including in cases of limited or intermittent connectivity such as automotive infotainment systems or onboard aviation systems.


Enhanced connectivity brings new security challenges

The addition of connectivity to critical infrastructure networks has brought about massive opportunities to reduce cost, improve reliability and optimise maintenance regimes. However, systems are being connected that were designed to exist in isolation or without external connectivity, where security was not fully considered during the design process. 

Most importantly, there is no one size fits all solution for critical infrastructure. Each network is different and requires a specialist solution. 


Unparalleled visibility of critical infrastructure and OT systems

We offer a variety of solutions for managing cyber security risk in critical infrastructure and OT systems, and our hybrid approach gives us the flexibility to deploy in the most challenging environments while ensuring that standards are complied with, and safety cases are not impacted.

We deliver solutions to operators today covering key networks/devices even in the most challenging environments. 

Working with trusted suppliers

RazorSecure works with operators of critical infrastructure systems to manage their cyber risk in operational technology (OT) systems. We follow a four stage approach to protecting systems, ensuring that a holistic view has been taken to protecting key devices as well as the overall network. 


We work with our customers to ensure compliance with cyber security standards including IEC-62443, the NIS Directive and the NIST Cyber Security Framework for Critical Infrastructure. Where an industry has a specific standard or legislative requirement, we work with you to ensure that the solution we offer will meet the requirements for your use case.

Issues we are helping with:

  • Protection of mission critical devices in deployed environments

  • Asset discovery in challenging environments

  • Monitoring of safety critical networks

  • Network baselining to detect unexpected new devices

  • Operational anomaly detection for critical devices

  • GPS Spoofing Detection

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